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Google AdWords Callout Extension

Stand out from the crowd with Google’s new callout extension

What are Callout Extensions?

Callout extensions are additional 25 character text extensions that show with your Google search ads that could potentially lead to a significantly higher click through rate (CTR).

The idea behind the new callout extension is to highlight specific information about your products and services, and the good news is that they will show in addition to sitelinks, review extensions and call extensions. This allows you more space to advertise and educate potential customers about your products and services. The more you can inform your customers before they click an Ad, the better quality of customer, better CTR and hopefully more sales you should be getting. But the cool bit is that callout extensions play a factor in Ad Rank. Better click through rate = better quality score = better ad rank.

What and where to Callout

For each callout you are allowed 25 characters, with a maximum of 4 callout extensions for each ad. But just like sitelinks you can add more for rotation purposes. You can set callout extensions at the account, campaign and ad group level. How granular you want to go is entirely up to you. For example if you have a campaign for ‘used books’ you might want to add a callout that says “15% off all used books” or “5000 used books in stock”. If you have separated your used comics into Beano or Dandy, you may want to add a callout extension at ad group level and be more specific, for example “1978 Beano Comics £30”.

Callout extensions can also be mobile specific to help with engagement. For example: you could have an extension that reads ‘Free 24/7 helpline’ or ‘Free Next Day Shipping’.

Expect Google To Roll Out Callout Extension Update Soon (if it hasn’t already!)

You get the idea. So where can you find them? Callout extensions can be found on the ad extensions tab. If you cannot find them, don’t worry, Google announced that the new feature will be available in all accounts over the next few weeks.